Sea Murchandising at Brass Acres - The Return of Mrs Woo-Star

The last time we saw Mrs Woo-Star she was plain Mrs Woo, and she had taken adverse possession of Brass Acres, the former farm and mise en scene extraordinaire of Bart Brassica ( Vale).  As a result of her addiction to reading PG Wodehouse's tales of Bertie Wooster, with which she finds some affinities to our lost Bart B, and what she sees as her new career in Rock Pool farming, she has assumed the 'Star' suffice by Indeed Poll.
Now she surveys her Rock Pool farm where she hopes to cultivates Sea Merchants, though this is due to her mishearing of the word Sea Urchin and noting the rich price they fetch in Sushi Bars.  You will no doubt spot her failure to provide any fodder for her Merchandise ( her term, not mine) in the form of Kelp.  The question is will she realise and call the National Kelp Line?

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