The Glad Hand - A Winklerism

Of all the farmhand work, edging the gladioli is perhaps the most exacting, and accordingly attracts the highest hourly rate.  Frank Winkler considers himself to the Glad Hand par excellence has told most of the folks between  Lambertville and Princeton that there is a Gladiologist Guild and anyone hired for Glad work, either edging, as we see here, or gilding, which is highly specialised, must apply to Frank to join the Guild. Members are sometimes known as Gladioters or more colloquially as Glad Hands. Mr Farmhand says Pshaw!, no one who count to ten and back would be silly enough to pay Frank fifty dollars to join a Guild set up by Frank, saying the whole idea was a pure and out Winklerism.

This rare photograph of Frank Winkler whitewashing gladioli edges is kindly provided by Ms Ingrid Periz.

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