The Museum of Butter - In Alimentum Bartum

Here Bart Brassica ponders, not just if he has ordered too much butter for his cake, but what might be done with his butter hillock.  Unbeknownst to most everyone, and until very lately Bart himself, Bart is a fan of contemporary poetry and his contemplation of this lardish lump has evoked in him a reverie, a recollection of the poetic rendering of all things buttery which he has recently read in the new online issue of the literary food magazine Alimentum by his favourite Australian poet. Really, like 99% of the rest of the world, Bart only knows one Australian poet, but here he differs as he has become nearly obsessed with Carol Jenkins.  It took Bart a while to realise Australia was not in  Europe, but then it has taken most Australians quite a while to realise this too.

PS Naturally you can read the poem Museum of Butter online by clicking on the link to Alimentum.

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