Can Somebody Set The Table ?

Can somebody set the table? Silver, something old is best. Fish Forks and knifes, silver tines from other houses, other lives. This set, in pen and wash, might be good only for printed matter, literary bon mots, paper plates and paper napkins. 

Set the Table, the archetypal job of childhood, poner la mesa, is, I hear, going out of fashion, following in the wake of plates of food in separate rooms and TV meals, none of which can rightly be called dinner.
Tonight I've made a Tiramisu, a variant with layers of sabayon - made with creme de cacao, and potent, layered with barely sweetened mascarpone and beaten egg whites ( the kitchen hand says, it's is like chasing clouds) layered in between the coffee-dipped savoiardy, the whole thing dusted down with grated dark chocolate. Thank goodness for dessert spoons.

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