Pennants for Farmer Bart?

It may be that Farmer Bart Brassica has got into the spirit of the season (or vis versa) but for the past week he has been seen sporting this interesting rooster finial on his trusty trident. Does Bart have something to crow about or is it his way of saying  'chicken-shit'  to the seasonal madness? Granny Egg has hatched a theory that this rooster head man is  an old Brassica family emblem, and this is both a penance and homage to his ancestors. Mavis suspects this elaborate baloney is a ploy by Granny Egg to induce a level of filial piety in Mavis and guilt so she gives Granny a whopping cache of Christmas gifts.

It has to be said though, that Bart is doing a brisk farm door trade in his new, minimalist crop of Christmas trees.

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