Coffee Epochs, Hoi An, Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam might be the perfect example of going with the flow, going native, getting local, Kurt-erising one's self in both  locale and way of doing things.  The coffee looks a bit, sumpish, those layers, and here in Hoi An, the iced version comes with a side of hot tea,a press metal teaspoon, and in case that hefty dollop of condensed milk does not make your sweet tooth sing, a sachet of sugar. 
The waitresses serving this coffee were quite bemused by this rough sketch, and congregated to discuss  the design on the glass of tea, laughing at the coffee's gradient in the glass. It takes a little getting used to, and for a while I kept trying the espresso, but when  it comes down to UHT milk ( yuk!) verse Condensed (sweet!) , Condensed wins by a teaspoon!

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