House Leaves - real estate scandal on bistro blackboard ?

Dining last Sunday night at my local bistro Billy Swings I noticed an item on the blackboard menu that needed further illustration. Of course one might say 'House Leaves', after all there is that well known tipple 'House Wine' but house leaves suggested to me chipped weatherboard, finely sliced terrace, a frissee of igloo and garnish of thatched cottage.  But perhaps I have completely misconstrued the 'leaves' as a noun, and if  you order this the house staff are up and off? Or one's own house scarpers?

In any case the duck confit was very good, the papardelle with its ragu were swiftly despatched and the beef cheeks were gone in a wink. And on matters vinous the choko is now back - and might this be the next big thing in Mosman, as it must only have about 4kcal per 100grams?.

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