If on a winter's night a cabbage....

There is a great phrase  in Ned Kellie's Jerilderie Letter where he calls the local constabulary "cabbage-hearted", and while I have no reason to malign cabbages in general, I think Ned might have had the green cabbage in mind. Today I bought half a red cabbage to make Braised Red Cabbage and Apples ( how easy that word 'apples' applies itself to other pursuits) but even if I subtract the loitering time taken to sketch the cabbage, I had missed the cabbage-ship of the dish by a couple of hours if it was this winter's night it was to make it to the table for dinner. The recipe I will use, from Sophie Grigson's Vegetable book is forgiving - on a previous incarnation of this dish I went a little mad with the nutmeg but after the three and half hours  reconsidering itself in a slow oven, the whole thing had melded into a buttery purple braise.

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