The Oddity of Bart B's Colourised Shadow

In  most regards the Farmhand cohort are perfectly ordinary  folk, but it has been remarked, quite often and not altogether flatteringly,  that Bart Brassica's coloured shadow is peculiar. There are a number of theories as to why Bart Brassica has a colour shadow. He claims he had a normal blackish sort of shadow until some fool fiction-writer took a Polariod photo of him, photocopied it and coloured the whole lot it in. Mavis Eggwhistle has been caught messing around with various kinds of coloured cellophane in her shop window and has managed to get a cerise shadow a few times but Granny Egg says she must be colour-blind if she thinks that washed out monochrome thing would fool anyone, even a one-eyed farmer.

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