A Shintaro Moment at Nijo Castle, Kyoto

This admonition seems to have worked perfectly, with nary a scribble in sight.  At first glance it might be that those dashes are cheeky chalk marks, and here is the great thing about digital photos - ZOOM  in to see taht  they are the pattern of shadow falling behind the gate posts.

Those who have had the benefit of seeing Shintaro translated into English might remember those odd scenes when Shintaro said something to  Kemosabe with his lips moving for about 30 seconds, while the over dub in English was,"That's too bad!!" Is there something curious in that the Japanese character or characters for the word 'scribbling', and mind you I am really guessing, as I figure 'No' and  'here' must be fairly simple, goes on like scribble?  Or maybe something is really lost in translation,  maybe the 'please if you would be so kind, I humbly request' part is missing?

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