Daffo- downs and the Dodgy Elevation

Bart Brassica is trying out a new crop of Daffodils, which has the one half of the neighbourhood talking about just what set off this rush of interest in daffodils, and the other half, his Farmer friends, saying what the dang hell is Bart doing working up high, his head way up in the blooms, taped to a pole? If you look closely you can just see an edge of what looks suspiciously like masking tape is keeping him strapped to that bamboo pole and up in the air, hardly a safe work practice.  He has been up there for some time now and while it is a perfectly lovely day, and undoubtedly the outlook is very pleasant, his neigbour Hetty Egg is thinking about starting up her ancient Cherry Picker and driving right over there if he is not down by 4pm sharp.

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