The Crab Series - Ibsen-esque & Under Water

This scanned collage is from The Babies series.  The people in the local fish shop needed a bit of convincing as to why I wanted that dimunitive crab but it seems, like the gelati cups, once you say 'For art.' they go a little blank, like perhaps you have said you've a loaded gun in your bag, and give it to you. This image with the hand of the maker appearing like some ghostly puppeteer may suggest some kind of argument for determinism, but I don't think so. Perhaps its about the plastification of the ocean?  The intersection of the still and moving image? Genetic engineering? The eeeriness of childhood?   A take on Ibsen's The Doll House? Having toys to play with? The temptation to retrofit some theoretical framework is nearly tempting but all too silly.

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