A Stunning Result for Bart Brassica

You may recollect that the last time we saw Bart Brassica he was head-high in his Daffodil Crop, suspended not by his britches but masking tape to a bamboo pole.  Hetty Egg had been watching Bart through what all her family call her Spy Glass, which is a $45 brass and faux woodgrain SkyMaster telescope she bought from the Innovare Catalogue.  She has told some of her younger and more naive great nieces this telescope belonged to her Great Grandfather who was a Ship's Captain sailing cod boats out of Boston.  Mavis Eggwhistle, on hearing this while making up poesies, says CodsWallop. Anyway, Hettie had completely forgotten her vow to make Bart get down from his pole by 4pm sharp the day she had noticed him taped up to the bamboo pole. Not that her cherry picker would have started. as the ignition went in it about six years ago. She was telling Mavis this on the phone about 6pm that evening, adding that in any case Bart had dissappeared. Mavis could not figure how Bart got taped up there and went straight over, found him head down in the Daffs, and, well, stunned may overstate it but maybe slightly daffy. What happened next neither of them is saying. As Mavis hid Hetty's SpyGlass, she can't either.

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