Farmer Brassica's Zygopetalum Zeitgiest

In his episodic efforts trying to figure out what to think (see In the Ponderings) Farmer Brassica has decided that he might go with the flow and tap into the New Jersey zeitgiest, and thereby save getting himself a dreadful headache from concentrating on the high faluting.
With this in mind Bart, ever the agriculturalist, has been cultivating things that are in that verbal vicinity, and thinking that a simple farmer can't be too choosy with an obscure letter like Z, he figures this crop of  Zygopetalum orchids will do the trick.  As you can see the heady perfume has rather lifted him off his feet.Will they have the same effect on Mavis Eggwhistle when she comes around to collect these giants specimens for the Whistle Stoppe Floriste Shoppe?

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