Bart and the Hand of Buddha - In the Ponderings Episode 3

In his ongoing journey to Enlightenment Bart sometimes dreams of, not so much of Where the Woozle Wasn't*, but of being diametrically blind-sided.  Ever since he had a visit from Mr Buddha after a spending a bit of time submerged in the pond (see Episode 2 of In the Ponderings ) Bart has been keen to catch sight of him again to ask him just how real he really is. That he is out of sight even when Bart is dreaming does not help at all.
How this giant clawed citrus specimen levitated into Bart's unconscious might have its origins in Mavis Eggwhistle making him squeeze three dozen lemons to make lemon butter,  saying her new nail extension made this unfeasible for her and in any case her Occupational Therapist, Miss Wanda W. says Mavis should avoid anything that invovles squeezing.

* For those unfamiliar with the term 'Where the Woozle Wasn't' are referred to A A Milne's account of animal tracking in that chapter of Winne The Pooh.

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