Return of the Shadow - Bart's Bo-Peepism

The last time we saw Bart's true Shadow it (well let's be polite and say 'he'), he, had hived off to rural anonymity in the wide pastures of Cooma NSW (see Mysterious Brassica Shaped Space Found) The Shadow eschews any suggestion that he might patch it up with Bart Brassica , who he says in any case prefers his fancy colourised shadow, which the Shadow goes on to say, is an abomination and a crime against nature.  It seems there may be a quantum entanglement between Bart and his Shadow, as both have simultaneously taken up with a pet pig and both are undertaking an advanced course in Pig Training. The Shadow, taking advantage of his monochromatic slightness, has been slipping into even class entirely unnoticed and not paying a single cent, whereas Bart Brassica has deferred his fees on what he calls the Hex Scheme.

The uncanny similarity between their companion pigs might be considered more than a coincidence by some!

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