Cardoonifications - Mr Farmhand' s Non Plus Ultra

The Cardoon has arrived in Lambertville, and Frank Winkler, ever on the look out for schemes that scam, and noticing  how similiar the cardoon leaves are to the plaster detial in the local Art Deco cinema the Morpheum. The Morpheum is more than a little in need of repairs and Frank thinks he can cut a few corners by using the stylish Cardoon leaves. Here we see Frank Winkler (below) encouragingly waving his hoe (burnt, you might recall in the Marshmallow Incident - see Rhubarbative Moments in Fieldwork for this story), and shouting, 'Non Plus Ultra' as  encouragement, and warning, to Mr Farmhand who has beeen hoodwinked, or as the local expression has it, winkled,  into the job of actually harvesting the leaves and is feeling mighty woozy. His long-distance vision, as you can see, has gone completely out of focus and one of the cardoon tips has nicked his favourite - well his only - hat. Frank's further remarks, well ravings, that he, Hercules, has declared this Cardoon, one of the seven pillars of the World, is not in Mr Farmhand's view, worth replying to.
Thanks to Ms Ingrid Periz for the photographs.

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