Time's Winged Warrior

Like most of us with busy lifes, Farmer Bart Brassica is always on the lookout for time saving devices, and in Farmer Brassica's case, given that the weather can be curmudgeonly, too much rain and his experimental crop of wasabi will suffer from wasabi blight, too little and the crop will fail to thrive. So he has often wished he could go back and rejig  his planting strategy.  To this end Bart, perhaps after watching too many episodes of Dr Who has devised this Clock O'later - the idea that he winds the invisible elastic attaches it to the clock hands, hops on board and as the hands start spinning backwards viola! so will time. He has explained to Mavis Eggwhistle that the extra candy loop is designed to provide an aura field and fuel source.  Mavis says something about Fool Source being well supplied already.

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