Head wear in Eden

 It might be that I've missed something but in the trips to Falls I've ever taken, and there have been some doosies, it has never occurred to me to wear a kerchief.  This pictogram seems a little like a model for behaviour, let the stick carrying man lead and give him the back pack.  Or perhaps I've under read this and it's an allusion to the Fall from Grace.  Worryingly the couple here do not seem to have taken any notice of the suggested skywards direction and are valiantly setting off to the west. 
The oddly named Minihaha Falls to which this pair were signposts to, is well worth the walk, though the fallen handrail, replaced by Danger Danger Danger tape, down the steep rock stairs glossed with its own supply of water may be what might be what this pair, in their wisdom, are avoiding.

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