The Effects of Purple Haze

You might remember from when we last saw him, Mr Farmhand was suffering from the effects of vertigo atop of a Cardoon (see Cardoonifications)  with his cousin Frank Winkler, gesticulating in a florid way at a lower echelon. In this parlous state Mr Farmhand was practically stuck, muttering something about he couldn't face getting down and when he did he would be taking Frank to the cleaners. Frank, in an encouraging way, promised to give Mr Farmhand his purple cardigan, if he would just finish the job. Mr Farmhand, who has never had more than shirt, trousers,bowler hat and hoe to his name was so incensed by Frank's namby bribe, he starting yelling out I'll give you Purple Cardoonigan, I'll give you Purple Cardigoons, - well, quite a few times. Seeing the force of the sentiment actualised in this way Frank has now skedadled, adding, the advice, which perhaps has some merit in it, that Mr Farmhand was off his face.
Thanks to Ms Ingrid Periz for the photograph.

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