Head in the Blossoms, Feet in the Air

Why exactly is Bart Brassica taking up this heroic, romantic pose mid blossom? Has it something to do, or something to outdo, with Mr Farmhand's recent foray into elegant world of gardening magazines? 
 In any case Granny Egg  (who, you guessed it, took this photo with her paparazzi special lens from Innovare), has been ringing Bart to see if the phone might tempt him to get out down from the ornamental cherry tree. This is not because she wants to talk to him, but because she has a bet with Mavis that Bart is pretty nigh stuck.  It is the kind of one-sided bet that has been irritating Mavis since she was four years old.  Mavis, who says she has to go over to the Brassica  Farm to pick up some more postcards (see Tinned Fruite Coupe ), which have, surprisingly sold out,  and make sure Bart gets his head out of the clouds.

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