Brunswick Street Beauties - Brisbane's Architectural Shiners

Visiting Brisbane, while there funky shops, wonderful restaurants, stacks of groovy coffee spots, galleries and miles of river to glide over on the Rivercat or the charming City Ferry, a few hours spent meandering the streets will reward you will such classics as these three Queenslanders, all from Brunswick Street.  I was preconditioned to notice - well it is hard to miss - the lime green detail on the house above by a stylish young woman in a plain fifties style black dressed cinched with a thin lime green belt. Perhaps she is a local and inspired by this wonderful two-tone green weatherboard wonder?  There are more treats in store along the road, two of which are below. And though here I've stuck to the Federation and late Victorian, Brunswick Street generously includes all architectural periods. Might a whole street, a tour de force of Qld's building  history be declared a National Treasure? Yes, I do declare! 


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