Tanpopos' Tempura Trap

OK, so on our previous visit to Tanpopo, Julius, one of the chefs, sent out a complimentary and  incredibly delicious  bowl of tempura for us. We had never ordered the tempura before and perhaps he knew this.  So  last night I ordered tempura, and set to to sketch what was on the table before it arrived.It might be that we look starved, or perhaps, and more likely the opposite, but Julius sends us out a delicious green salad topped with some extremely tender thin slices slow braised of waygu beef.  Then a simply enormous dish of tempura arrives, as well as the Grilled salmon, which the waiter Ellie tells us is a half portion, though it is plainly not. Theo is having ramen but kindly helps out with the tempura (here you see an inexact drawing of his hand and skeric of the New Scientist). When we finally get through our food, and get the bill, we see they have tried to undercharge us, and have to hide extra money under the bill and run out quickly so we can't get be pressured to take back any money. All the staff seem pretty happy about this undercharging joke. This is seeming more and more like a surreal film by Goddard.

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