Tanpopo goes Manga !

The messy sketchiness of Friday's drawing shows I am spending more time eating and less time drawing,  This week ended up with two visits to Tanpopo in Cremorne  once on Friday for ramen and on Sunday for grilled king fish and their very good pork belly. We have reached a miraculous point at Tanpopo where the chef sends out special dishes for us to try, some slow braised waygu beef and ginger, a little dish of king fish tempura and a croquette of slightly fermented soy beans but last night we hit the jackpot and got a large dish of tempura, with gloriously fresh bean curd, eggplant, zucchini and chicken hiding an intense and delicious broth, the whole crunchy, soupy construction zingy with rounds of green shallots that played a bit of trick with the green pattern on the bowl. We usually never order tempura but now we are converted.

And what better place than Tanpopo to try out the new Manga mera app on my phone!

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