Keirle Park, September 2010 - Cheap Black Ink

In July I'd  stayed for a short time at Bundanon, working with a team of people from Macau Uni, headed up by Kit Kelen, getting some of my poems translated into Chinese (yipppee- that is Mandarin for excited) . Kit and Carol Archer were great fun to sit and draw with & Kit introduced me to what he describes as cheap black ink. This sketch is slapped on with ink, foregrounded with the ubiquitous  trashed water bottle and entirely out of whack perspective-wise. Naturally I spilt a deal of ink in the car. It dried to a brown-blue iridescent stain.  6 September 2010

PS Check out  the excellent  Macau -Elsewhere Project  Blog , which blogs some of the art work being produced in the collaborative  Macau-Elsewhere postcard project initiated by Carol Archer.

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