Collected Works , Poetry & Ideas Bookshop, Blogspot & Ezine

 The wonderful Melbourne bookshop Collected Works, Poetry & Ideas  had some scary moments late last year when it seemed it might go down the fiscal gurgler.  But a call for help has seen a rush of punters buying books, readings, browsings and a general renaissance of what must be the best poetry bookshop in the world.  If you can't get to Melbourne, for a chat, a new book and the latest literary news, the next best thing is to visit tKris Hemensley's  Collected Works blog which includes the ezine The Merri Creek, where I've got a new poem in the December issue on the vicarious joy of the post. PS If you are wondering what the crinum and soy sauce fish image has to do with Collected Works, I can safely say I don't know.  

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