Keirle Park, 22 November, 2010, Make-Up Lesson

Followers of the Keirle Park series will see this is the second visit to KP this week, for what is known in the trade as a make-up lesson.  The ambiguity of the term 'make-up lesson'  has always appealed to me and when this woman with the (really it is true) golden leather upholstered car interior and matching groomed blond do, with killer red lipstick and matching nail polish ( ok I am glossing up the lipstick colour but the nails were really killer red) pulled up next to me in the standard Extremely Large 4 ( now why is does that key slip into $) WD vehicle, dropped off a princess and made a few phone calls, so loud I could hear the message machine at the other end, what else could I do but set to with some black, yellowand red ink?  The original person was much better looking, softer, than this drawing suggest.  22 November 2010.

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