Monday Afternoons, Keirle Park


Most every Monday afternoon during the school term I take Theo to his tennis lesson at Keirle Park and occupy myself in some way for an hour. Mostly I walk around the lagoon and along the beach promenade or take some work and edit it sitting in the car, or both.  Two and a half years ago, on the 25th August 2008,  I started making a quick sketch while I was waiting.  Series of things, poems and drawings, always interest me, in the way they  progress and build up complexity. While the art work here is rough and hasty, my rule is to sketch quickly, so I have time for other things, and leave the drawing once I drive home, it is observing what is happening, or how my attention changes over time which is what interests me.

This is the first drawing, 25 August 2008.

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