The Expanding Universe - Written for Sing! 2011

 My friend Mark Walsmely (who you can find at Demo Doctor) asked if I could write lyrics for a science theme song as a candidate for Sing!  the ABCs primary schools song book.  It sounded tricky and I thought I would cheat and adapt a poem I'd written about fossil fish but the first line of this appeared while I was making minestrone and viola!  Mark W. set it brilliantly to music, so it feels like we are listening to Albert E. playing the accordian in a Weimer Republic caberet in 1930.

Note: The photo may look like Tiny Tots stuck together but it really is a large gluon which was found in our kitchen, showing how adaptable to domesticity physics really is.

The Expanding Universe
Apples, cheese and fleas

Verse 1
Given gravity’s a form of stretchy glue
so apples fall down, instead of up to you
there’s also something larger  and mysterious
that pushes things apart,  that’s big and serious.
Einstein did not like it but allowed it might be true…

The dark parts of the universe
the cosmologic stuffing,
you can’t see or feel it
but it’s definitely not nothing,
more mysterious than cheese
far more discreet than fleas
darker than the dark side of the moon
and it’s right here, right now,
streaming through this room.

Verse 2
It’s dark energy that keeps us from imploding
it’s dark matters which prove to be consoling
it isn’t energy or matter as we know it
it’s hard to hold and harder to throw it

Verse 3
Since the Big Bang we’ve been getting faster
we’re speeding up but it’s hardly a disaster
oh the fun of being in an accelerating universe
without the dark side things would be much worse.

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