Pole Star - Knitter's Witty Art

To Gild the Crumpet

Nested Nests & The Resting Interloper

Handy Hank & The Old School Skiis

Farmer Brassica's Ethel Merman Moment

Green-grey leaves, white-green gumnuts - the compact architecture of vases

Black Board Singing in the Early Night

Water Under the Bridge - Keirle Park 's out and back walk.

The Leaf Measure Axiom

Three Views Towards Kosciusko

Farmer Bart : Arch Fruit Arborist

Two takes on The Boatman - Cave's Trip to The Lime Tree Arbour

Conversion Factors - Shallots Whole/Shallots Sliced

The Use of Chrysanthemums for Button Holes in Radical Oration