Bart Brassica's Variant on Crop Circles - The Crop Triangle

Some farmers are rightly rattled by the prospect of releasing genetically modified crops to the vagrancies of the wind but Bart Brassica  has a fondness for any acceleration of evolution that he can try.  Considering the effort that has already gone into breeding Corn , one might think that there was not much room for improvement, but Bart has managed to introduce the gene for Marzipan into his corn crop. This has had the unexpected effect of producing corn stalks only a burp under a decent sized almond tree and these slick ears of corn, that frankly have more marzipan in them than most Italian confectionery shops.

Not in any way camera shy, Bart has arranged his corn crop in what he likes to call Crop Triangles.  Granny Egg, who - due to a hearing problems - thinks marzipan is called Marx-ipan, considers Bart is making a grave mistake getting mixed up in politics and trying to outsmart nature, a fact she has relayed to everyone in Flemington ShopRite.

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