Scenes from Cafe Life - Tokyo & Kyoto

 In Tokyo, we found the Breakfast Set at the Espresso Segafredo Cafe, alongside the railway tracks in Ginza, just right - sitting up at the window seat watching people bustle to work,  the curious combinations of overcoats and bags, the giant fish on the 24 hour sashimi restaurant opposite, that homely clatter of the train passing, obscuring for something more than a moment, something less than a minute, the Ginza skyline behind.

Chiyodaku, Yuurakuho, Ginza.

Along the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto, we stopped for green tea and cake the Yojiya  Cafe, climbing the stairs to a tatami room with its perfect view of the lovely garden, the pine tree's high boughs level with our eyes,  the roof line and the electricity line, the three leveled into one plane by my watercolour perspective.

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