Enlightment - Episode 2 of In the Ponderings

Farmer Brassica's introduction into  meditation (See Episode 1 of  In the Ponderings ) literally took an unexpected turn when Frank Winkler's dinghy turned over and  flipped Bart into the pond.  Owing to his stalwart attachment to his bucket and pitchfork, swimming is well nigh impossible for Bart giving him quite some time under Brassica Pond (below). It might be the time without oxygen or true enlightenment but Bart reports he had a long conversation with a slightly damp Buddha as a result of which he considers he is now enlightened.

Mavis Eggwhistle, being highly sceptical about Golden Men made Bart stand on Granny Egg's Bathroom scales,  which she took over on purpose to prove he is exactly the same weight,  'Enlightened my foot, you still weigh 12 stone and a half! '

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