Planes and Trains - Platforms for Observation

Setting out for Japan,  we arrive at Sydney Airport with what be plenty of time if not for the chaos of Jet Stars understaffed baggage check-in, a fiasco that prompts me to consider their choice of name, an anagram of  Jesters A, was no coincidence.  After navigating the perils of the White Out Queue ( a tempting subject for a stand-alone essay but why dwell on the negative?) and only just checking in our baggage we find that our flight has been delayed by an hour.  Something of the Christmas spirit, or at least some of its commerce could be seen in that traditional item, The Green Foam Antler Headband, caught here in an attempt at an indoor panaroma.

Sleeping on the train - a national past time in Japan. I find the train seats on the Narita are heated - so thoughtful.

It's usually the top half, head and shoulders,  that makes it into the picture frame but legs, after all the basic unit of transportation,  have their uses.

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