By the Prickings - Mr Farmhand's Handedness

Seasonal work brings in some strange tasks, perhaps none quite so odd as the harvesting of prickles at Deer Creek. These fine spines on the button cacti are used to create that  eerie feeling of discomfort  so popular in the film industry. These are late season, or B-Grade prickles, which are in great demand by Hollywood for the new vogue in vampire romances.  Rumour has it that some unscrupulous cinemas also add them to seating fabrics, curtains and carpet.

This photograph, by Ms Periz, also highlights Mr Farmhand's disproportionately large hands.  Sometimes he claims he is wearing Mits to protect him, and his hands are really quite petit.  Frank Winkler, whose hands are identical, says, 'Pshaw! How do you think we got the family name of Farmhand in the first place?'

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