Render Unto Caesar - The Lure of the Classics

One of the obstacles that Farmer Bart Brassica faces is the stereotyping of country folk as quasi-literate cornshuckers who would prefer to watch for fish  bubbles to  rise up in root beer rather than read a book. As an antidote to such accusations, and in pursuit of the disposable income of the sensitive city-based  new age farmer and literary angler, Bart has devised a deep dark pool of fish and the classics.  As the mix of real fish and books is problematic Bart has come up with  this cocktail of fish substitues and a charred page of The Twelve Caesars. This page came as a bonus with the Caesar Salad he ordered in the Library Cafe when he accidentally ran into Mavis Eggswhistle there for lunch a few weeks back.  That the fish all have red noses that exactly match Bart's bucket is one of life's mysteries.

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