Rearmament ~ Mavis Regains her Lost Limbs

The last time we had news of Mavis Eggwhistle, after the unfortunate incident of her losing both her arms due to a Fit of Pique at  Bart Brassica (Infra Dig - Two's company Four's Annoying ), she was contemplating taking the  Sticky  Tape Cure to reattach her arms. As many would know the Sticky Tape cure is problematic, the result being unreliable, unsightly and a hindrance to most activities.

Bravely Mavis is trialling a new Blue-Tac Stem Cell technique, which so a far, has worked a treat and even gives her a degree more flexibility. Mavis feels, as a florist, that as stem cells are what hold up quite substantial flowers with elegant flexibility they will give her back both her arms, ( two as we see here) and a greater range of movement.  Here we catch sight of Mavis at her weekly occupational therapy class, though she is not quite sure if she will ever really be able such a whiz with the lariat as Miss WW the instructor.

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