Rusticated Museum of Petrol - The Fuel's Errand

Old School Tie - Wheat Paste Man

Birdable, Shape and Aviation

Ginkakuji Temple's Perpetual Self Contemplation

Innovative Ground Work in Tokyo

Tin Tin-esque -A Bouquet of Brollies

Bart Brassica's Variant on Crop Circles - The Crop Triangle

A Bar Code Blurr of Light - Ferry Travel at its Best

The Surprising Continuity of the Past - Mickey Mouse & Prayer Lanterns

Castling - The Perennial Holiday Occupation

A Keystone Kops-esque Hydrant Point - Ginza

Scenes from Cafe Life - Tokyo & Kyoto

Planes and Trains - Platforms for Observation

Enlightment - Episode 2 of In the Ponderings

The Snow Resilient Manhole Cover - Hakuba Japan

Emperors of Snow at Aqua Alpine Hakuba