If on a winter's night a cabbage....

The Oddity of Bart B's Colourised Shadow

Vaster Than Empires - Marvels of the Vegetable World

Making Other Arrangements - the lovely transparencies of Icecream dishes

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The Mysterious Opacity of Parked Cars

Fishy thoughts in a Fishy Shade

The Miss Jean Brodie Effect at Work in the Botanic Gardens

Mavis Eggwhistle's Signature Dish Curries Favour

Late Additions - sketches from East on Byron Apartment

Damp grass & the non-colour fast twilight training

The Replete Note Book : Dogs of a Feather

expressivo - how to turn the moon blue

Wild Oats and the White-flecked Sea, The Nut, Stanley, Tasmania

House Leaves - real estate scandal on bistro blackboard ?

Moving Gingerly, the native violet in slow motion

Vase-O Dilation - the diletantte approach to down scale flower arrangements.

Nepenthes heads for heights, Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Feets Don't Fail Me Now - Dream Shoes and the BluesFest

American Gothic - Bart Brassica and Colour Field Theory

The Shape of Water

Keirle Park, May Day, 2011, Twilight Signs

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